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jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Making a Virtual Trip to London

I invite you to make a funny and virtual trip right now!
Are you ready to do it? Close your eyes, the journey starts!!!

One, Two, Three...
Virtual London!

Please, search information about the most typical symbols and/or monuments from England, Scotland,
Ireland and Wales and compare them with those from United States (remember all of them share the English language). Do you appreciate differences? In what sense?

Can you compare Spanish food and English food? Are they different? (Including eating time).

miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

Body Parts Song

Learning about Human body parts is a funny way of discovering the way they are called in English: mouth, head, legs, shoulders, eyes, nose, neck and so on.

Look at this presentation.

Human Body Parts

Try to complete as much as possible the following image of human body. 

View more webinars from ManuelaRedondo.

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2009

Laughing Therapy (Risoterapia)

Laughing is a good therapy to get over a problem. If you laugh, you are happy, so, you will not probably be thinking unhappy memories, you feel happy-go-lucky. 
It is true that when you laugh, you are happy or something makes you fell in good humor. Probably, if we considered most of our problems as insignificant, we would feel better.

Watch and think on the following experiences:

Answer the following questions:
  • Have you ever laughed when you were sad?
  • Do you think people can really get over their worries by laughing?
  • If so, please specify what you feel.
  • Interview people and ask them what they usually do when they are sad and what they think of laughing therapy.

sábado, 24 de enero de 2009

Original Happy Birthday

Always planning the same birthday parties and you want to innovate? Buying the same gifts: books, cinema tickets, clothes, shoes, etc. Something more special: a trip, dinner in an expensive restaurant, spending some day in the beach...? These are some original ideas to carry your plan. 

What I considered more special in my birthday was a song, composed and singed by a student. It was exactly what I received last year. Nothing bought but very original and valuable for me.

Thanks a lot!

United Kingdom vs. United States

These are two maps: one of Unite States of America and the other of United Kingdom. Can you distinguish between England, United Kingdom, Great Britain or Brtish Isles??? O California, New York, Florida, etc.?

Great Britain is composed of Scotland, Wales and England.

United Kingdom (U.K.) is formed by Great Bratain and North of Ireland.
Breat Isles include Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom.

Finally, United States (U.S.) is a country (federal republic) formed by 50 states, with a unique federal district: Washington D.C.

Please post your comments about it.

jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

Barack Obama Speech

During our classes you asked me for Barack Obama's Discourse. It is a new age for the United States due to he is the first black president in the history of US.

People, tired of Bush' absurd promises, have given a vote of confidence to this new president who looks for social welfare of Americans.

Try to watch and understand his discourse and respond to the questions below.

In the folowing link you can find a lesson plan for intermediate students with some activities proposed. Look at it, and try to do it.

Please, try to look for some video where our current President is speaking English language for official purposes.

How do you consider it is his English? Do you think our politicians have a good command of English language? Why? 

Would you like to be Obama our Spanish President?

Post your comments on 'Comentarios'.

sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

Raining Frogs and Fish

Last day, we were talking about the possibility of raining fish due to some tornadoes. You can look at some websites for information:

You can also watch some videos about it:
Or about raining fish:

After watching the videos and reading extra information:
  • Do you think it is possible raining frogs?
  • Do you think it is possible raining cats or dogs? What does it mean?
  • Have you ever seen a tornado?

Do you believe in it now? Post your comments, please